Publication of my Nuffield Study Report

Executive Summary Agriculture 3.0: a New Paradigm for Agriculture Study Topic: As a 2013 Nuffield Scholar, Kaytlyn is seeking to redefine what it really means to be sustainable in food and farming, by asking: ‘If Agriculture 1.0 is subsistence farming that uses traditional farming practices, and Agriculture 2.0 is industrial agriculture, which is creating seriousContinue reading “Publication of my Nuffield Study Report”

Food and Farming in Transylvania

I am busy writing up my study report for my Nuffield Scholarship. I have shut the world out and am allowing myself time to reminisce, as well as process far too many ideas. Transylvania was such a wonderful and mind opening experience, and it exposed many of the possibilities for the future of agriculture, Ag3.0.Continue reading “Food and Farming in Transylvania”

Exploring the Link between Agriculture, War and the Feminine

As I continue to reflect on “Reclaiming the Miracle of Food and Farming”, I’ve been reading Jim Ewing’s new book (2011) Conscious Food: Sustainable Growth, Spiritual Eating. His writing opened up a whole new perspective for me on the historical links between war and agriculture, and of the feminine and agriculture. My audience at theContinue reading “Exploring the Link between Agriculture, War and the Feminine”

Wordless Wednesday: Traditional Food

I did not taste this platter, but the other was delicious. I found more pics here!

Thank You for Our Food

Potato seeds were stored over winter in the cellar. Then we planted each potato with intention, placing it with the sprouts pointing upwards as you would a bulb. We did our very best at this work. And now, we hand over control. It is no longer in our power to control the weather, plant growthContinue reading “Thank You for Our Food”

Traditional Farming in Transylvania

Imagine! You live in a cozy small home heated with wood. You have a compact barn with a hayloft in your backyard, and the rest of the space is yard and vegetable garden (it could be elsewhere in the village). In the barn, you have a couple of cows or water buffalo for milk. YouContinue reading “Traditional Farming in Transylvania”

Speechless in Transylvania

I have been here, in Transylvania, for almost a week. I am still at a loss for words. It is beautiful, and the hills have not yet become green. Imagine the beauty yet to unfold! I was amazed to find the climate and type of crops grown here to be almost identical to home, and yet,Continue reading “Speechless in Transylvania”