Thoughtful Thursday: Climate Change Mitigation – Keep it Smart and Simple

Carbon Farming for Climate Change Mitigation: It’s Simply Getting Back to Basics. We don’t need fancy policies and hours of meetings. If we are involved in agriculture, we need to become farmers again: dirty finger nails, and time to take in the contentment of livestock (so we catch it early, when they are not). AndContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: Climate Change Mitigation – Keep it Smart and Simple”

Congratulations to Kiss the Ground and their Partnership with General Mills!

I quote: General Mills is granting $650,000 to nonprofit organization Kiss the Ground to support farmer training and coaching through Soil Health Academies, where growers will learn how to increase farm profitability, build resiliency into the land and decrease input costs using soil health practices. “Investing in soil health and regenerating our soils has numerousContinue reading “Congratulations to Kiss the Ground and their Partnership with General Mills!”

Nuffield Scholar Brings Regenerative Farming into the Centre of the Conversation

I am so excited to see 2019 Canada Nuffield Scholar Ryan Boyd talking about regenerative farming in the Alberta Express. I can’t wait to be reading his report. I will have to be patient! He has barely got started with his #nuffield19 study. I worked hard to bring new ideas to agriculture and it seemsContinue reading “Nuffield Scholar Brings Regenerative Farming into the Centre of the Conversation”

Upcoming Meet and Greet, Guelph ON

This event is being hosted at the Guelph Organic Conference, upstairs from the trade show at the University Centre, University of Guelph, this weekend.

Thoughtful Thursday: A New Chapter of Agricultural Practice

Let us stand in front of this new knowledge (our collective enlightenment that we are all experiencing due to the extraordinary unfolding revelations about the soil microbiome) with a sense of reverence and inquiry, as this will assist our strivings to increase the depth and complexity of that thin film of organic life which clothesContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: A New Chapter of Agricultural Practice”

Healthy Soil as Baseline Indicator for Farm Performance

I appreciate how simply and directly this google post by the Carolina Bee Company says it: The most modern and successful farming practices of today are represented by significant advancement of and focus on technique and management — technique and management practices that cast aside our past dependence on chemistry and genetic adulteration. In theContinue reading “Healthy Soil as Baseline Indicator for Farm Performance”

Do Crops Grown Indoors Nourish Us?

I found this news release alarming. Can someone please test the nutrient density of this produce? Can we really produce healthy food without soil and sunshine? I don’t want to eat this stuff! future-of-farming-montreal-area-operation-grows-crops-indoors-year-round As my colleague states ever so simply: Watch or read the work of Dr Daphne Miller. The microbes, in number andContinue reading “Do Crops Grown Indoors Nourish Us?”

2015: The International Year of Soils

There is a reason for everything, including the delay in publishing my Nuffield report! The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has declared 2015 the International Year of Soils. Healthy soils is the pinnacle of Agriculture 3.0; therefore it only makes sense that my report come out as part of this year’sContinue reading “2015: The International Year of Soils”

Exploring the Link between Agriculture, War and the Feminine

As I continue to reflect on “Reclaiming the Miracle of Food and Farming”, I’ve been reading Jim Ewing’s new book (2011) Conscious Food: Sustainable Growth, Spiritual Eating. His writing opened up a whole new perspective for me on the historical links between war and agriculture, and of the feminine and agriculture. My audience at theContinue reading “Exploring the Link between Agriculture, War and the Feminine”