Publication of my Nuffield Study Report

Executive Summary Agriculture 3.0: a New Paradigm for Agriculture Study Topic: As a 2013 Nuffield Scholar, Kaytlyn is seeking to redefine what it really means to be sustainable in food and farming, by asking: ‘If Agriculture 1.0 is subsistence farming that uses traditional farming practices, and Agriculture 2.0 is industrial agriculture, which is creating seriousContinue reading “Publication of my Nuffield Study Report”

Farm Size and Industrial Agriculture2.0

Farm size was an interesting topic of conversation when I was in Europe. On one occasion, we were just not making sense, and eventually I realized why. In Canada, farm size can be viewed in various ways, including revenue, by acreage, by livestock units and more recently, by environmental impact. Statistics Canada measures farm sizeContinue reading “Farm Size and Industrial Agriculture2.0”

Holiday? Think again!

It takes a little bit to get settled into travelling. Many see travelling as glamorous but it’s hard work. It’s no holiday! That would be when your arrangements are all ready-made, and finding your next meal easy. Each night, I do some reading and research to figure out where I shall go the next day.Continue reading “Holiday? Think again!”