Canada is Stepping up to the Plate (for Food)

From a gloomy report in 2013 stating that Canada had some serious ‘right to food’ issues like those seen in developing countries to an IPES Food report this week “Putting agroecology on the agenda in Rome and Ottawa,” I am very encouraged in reading how consultations on developing a national food policy are underway andContinue reading “Canada is Stepping up to the Plate (for Food)”

More darkness? or Can we be the change?

I borrow this from the conclusion of a blog at In this blog, John Michael Greer reviews the predictions he made for 2016, also alerting us to the fact that air temperatures over the Arctic ice cap are 50°F warmer than usual for this time of year (December 2016). I worry about my friends,Continue reading “More darkness? or Can we be the change?”

Brokenness: “That’s How the Light Gets In”

With the passing of Leonard Cohen and the surge of discussions on-line about the brokenness of humanity, I remind myself and thank Leonard, that “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in” from Anthem (click to listen to youtube video). In an older blog by Christopher Page at In A SpaciousContinue reading “Brokenness: “That’s How the Light Gets In””

A Moment Of Reckoning For Men

Originally posted on In A Spacious Place:
The possibility cannot be ignored. It seems increasingly clear that much of the opposition to Hillary Clinton becoming president of the United States of America stems from unresolved anxiety, fear, and insecurity on the part of white men. Let’s be honest, in all of the endless investigations and…

Wordless Wednesday: Fired for Speaking the Truth con’d !

“I wish there was more profit in farming,” one farmer says. “There is,” the other replies. “In year 2015 the C.E.O.s of Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer and John Deere combined made more money than 2,129 Iowa farmers.” (article here)

Sacred Life, Sacred Seed and Agriculture 3.0

Some writers are using the term ‘Agriculture 3.0’ (which refers to a future agriculture), to represent different versions of industrial agriculture (agriculture 2.0). Its use is already falling into the same problem that ‘sustainability’ fell into (see blog post). The term ‘Agriculture 3.0′ was launched (for me anyway) by Steffen Schneider from the Institute forContinue reading “Sacred Life, Sacred Seed and Agriculture 3.0”

Do Crops Grown Indoors Nourish Us?

I found this news release alarming. Can someone please test the nutrient density of this produce? Can we really produce healthy food without soil and sunshine? I don’t want to eat this stuff! future-of-farming-montreal-area-operation-grows-crops-indoors-year-round As my colleague states ever so simply: Watch or read the work of Dr Daphne Miller. The microbes, in number andContinue reading “Do Crops Grown Indoors Nourish Us?”

2015: The International Year of Soils

There is a reason for everything, including the delay in publishing my Nuffield report! The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has declared 2015 the International Year of Soils. Healthy soils is the pinnacle of Agriculture 3.0; therefore it only makes sense that my report come out as part of this year’sContinue reading “2015: The International Year of Soils”

Why Agriculture 3.0? The Cost of Ag2.0 Food

Why is it that, of everything out there about which we say “you get what you pay for,” we don’t include food? We don’t have a love affair with cheap concert tickets or cheap retirement programs. Why food? But it doesn’t have to be expensive. I would suggest that if you get in your kitchenContinue reading “Why Agriculture 3.0? The Cost of Ag2.0 Food”