Canada is Stepping up to the Plate (for Food)

From a gloomy report in 2013 stating that Canada had some serious ‘right to food’ issues like those seen in developing countries to an IPES Food report this week “Putting agroecology on the agenda in Rome and Ottawa,” I am very encouraged in reading how consultations on developing a national food policy are underway andContinue reading “Canada is Stepping up to the Plate (for Food)”

“I Stand Here for the Earth”

As posted on Voices of the Sacred and suggested here on this blog many times with respect to the Farming for the Future Network: We want to heal our communities….lets start by healing ourselves! We want to take care of our families and relatives…lets start by taking care of ourselves. We want our communities healthy…letsContinue reading ““I Stand Here for the Earth””

New Beginnings with a Nuffield Ag Scholarship

I had such hopes of being a regular blogger and then this gale force storm 😉 came along and whisked me away down the road of life! The day after my close friend Peter Noddle left us on June 24, 2012, I had an interview for a Nuffield Agricultural scholarship. I pulled through it incrediblyContinue reading “New Beginnings with a Nuffield Ag Scholarship”