Do Crops Grown Indoors Nourish Us?

I found this news release alarming. Can someone please test the nutrient density of this produce? Can we really produce healthy food without soil and sunshine? I don’t want to eat this stuff! future-of-farming-montreal-area-operation-grows-crops-indoors-year-round As my colleague states ever so simply: Watch or read the work of Dr Daphne Miller. The microbes, in number andContinue reading “Do Crops Grown Indoors Nourish Us?”

Food and Farming as Sacred

from essays in the collective “Bread, Body, Spirit” by Alice Peck, 2008. Do we know how food comes to us? Do we know the story behind our food? Has someone suffered to grow food for us? Do we take food for granted? Knowing how food comes to us is part of the responsibility of receivingContinue reading “Food and Farming as Sacred”