Thoughtful Thursday: the End of Humanity?

I don’t know if I can watch anymore. I’m starting to get down. I read articles almost daily about the bees dying; aren’t bees indicators of the health of ecosystems, and don’t we live in ecosystems too? The Chinese can’t get honey in their country anymore because the bees are long gone, GM alfalfa hasContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: the End of Humanity?”

Thoughtful Thursday: Where are the bees?

There were loads of blossoms this year, at home and abroad, but I did not hear the humming of bees busy pollinating in Ontario, unlike in Transylvania where I have never heard such a loud buzzing, away from the hive. Did you know that: One in three bites of the food we eat is theContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: Where are the bees?”

Traditional Farming in Transylvania

Imagine! You live in a cozy small home heated with wood. You have a compact barn with a hayloft in your backyard, and the rest of the space is yard and vegetable garden (it could be elsewhere in the village). In the barn, you have a couple of cows or water buffalo for milk. YouContinue reading “Traditional Farming in Transylvania”