So many Amazing Earth Wisdom Opportunities

There are just so many Earth-based and Soul-based opportunities, gatherings and circles that I am going to start keeping track of some of them here, as I just don’t know how to otherwise! I find these to be such important initiatives for our times. We all need access to these teachings. What does it meanContinue reading “So many Amazing Earth Wisdom Opportunities”

Wordless Wednesday: Find Your Warrior Archetype

I repost “Find Your Warrior Archetype, Sisters: We are in the Fight of our Lives” by Trelawney Grenfell-Muir from this week’s post at

Connecting With The Earth: Experiencing The Sacred by James Profit

This is one of my most cherished posts, and I don’t think the ideas are heard often enough with this much clarity. Since I had a recent soulquest at Ignatius Jesuit Centre in Guelph near the Jim Profit trail that honours Jim’s life, I feel the urge to post it here in the hopes thatContinue reading “Connecting With The Earth: Experiencing The Sacred by James Profit”

Wordless Wednesday: Human Beings are Part of the Miracle too -2!

As I grapple to discern delivery and expression of “what’s next,” I am reminded to be in awe of what the human being is capable of, and how it can take so many different forms, as Life does in Nature. I have posted a video from this dance couple before (here). I wanted to touchContinue reading “Wordless Wednesday: Human Beings are Part of the Miracle too -2!”

More darkness? or Can we be the change?

I borrow this from the conclusion of a blog at In this blog, John Michael Greer reviews the predictions he made for 2016, also alerting us to the fact that air temperatures over the Arctic ice cap are 50°F warmer than usual for this time of year (December 2016). I worry about my friends,Continue reading “More darkness? or Can we be the change?”

Thoughtful Thursday: A New Chapter of Agricultural Practice

Let us stand in front of this new knowledge (our collective enlightenment that we are all experiencing due to the extraordinary unfolding revelations about the soil microbiome) with a sense of reverence and inquiry, as this will assist our strivings to increase the depth and complexity of that thin film of organic life which clothesContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: A New Chapter of Agricultural Practice”

The Power of Awe for Transforming Agriculture

How might we integrate the experience of awe and wonder into agriculture so that humanity reawakens to the earth as a living being and takes greater care? What if visiting a farm lead to more frequent “jaw-dropping moments of awe” through experiencing a reclaiming of the miracle of food and farming? The following is takenContinue reading “The Power of Awe for Transforming Agriculture”

N is for Nature, miracles everywhere

N is for Nature by Guy Dauncey N is for Nature, miracles everywhere filling the planet with green creeping vines, from tiniest microbes to wandering wolverines, explosion of living, wings, teeth and eyes. . Starting with atoms then built into molecules, mixed with rich carbon infused with belief in a future so possible, strange andContinue reading “N is for Nature, miracles everywhere”