We Rise: Silence No More

From various hashtags (metoo and AintNoCinderella), to fighting for the rights of Earth to be honoured, to fighting for our own rights, women are rising. We will be silent no more. Does that sound like a threat? Perhaps so.

Biodiversity matters in farmers’ fields too

Here, I re-post a press release from USC Canada. Diversity in food crops essential to a healthy planet Will our National Food Policy enhance agricultural biodiversity? Ottawa, July 24, 2017 – In its latest report, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society found Canada lags on its biodiversity pledges. Beyond wildlife, there is another urgent biodiversityContinue reading “Biodiversity matters in farmers’ fields too”

More darkness? or Can we be the change?

I borrow this from the conclusion of a blog at resilience.org. In this blog, John Michael Greer reviews the predictions he made for 2016, also alerting us to the fact that air temperatures over the Arctic ice cap are 50°F warmer than usual for this time of year (December 2016). I worry about my friends,Continue reading “More darkness? or Can we be the change?”

There is Hope Despite Passing the Carbon Tipping Point in September

After a week of struggling with my feelings about humanity, and what we do to each other, to life, to the land and to the Earth, and then learning that we passed the carbon tipping point in September (http://motherboard.vice.com/read/goodbye-world-weve-passed-the-carbon-tipping-point-for-good), I felt a sense of relief when I watched a little video (click on picture) forContinue reading “There is Hope Despite Passing the Carbon Tipping Point in September”

How climate change and failed agricultural policies have contributed to conflict in Syria

Evan Fraser and Sylvain Charlebois, professors at the University of Guelph’s Food Institute, have commented that, “Throughout history, agricultural problems have acted as catalysts that trigger widespread social and humanitarian crises.”