Leading by Mandala by Nurete Brenner and Elizabeth Meacham

Liz and Nurete (L to R) Lake Erie Institute The old myths and images that sustained us in earlier periods are no longer serving us during this time of breakdown of the old and the uncertainty about the future. The lone wolf, the frontiersman, the all-powerful superhero – these tropes fade into irrelevance as it…

Thoughtful Thursday: What Would I Do?

In a forum, we were asked: What would I do for the Earth in regards to climate change? This was my answer! In short, I have 3 answers! First I ask Her (per biomimicry). What would Nature do about climate change? What is She doing? … is more accurate. Do we know what we are really addressing,Continue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: What Would I Do?”

Be the Change: Use of industrial term “Sustainability” misses Life on Earth

I received an email from a new Nuffield scholar, and immediately had to delve into the limitations of using the term “sustainability,” a popular word with the likes of Walmart and Bayer. The scholar wrote about inquiring into the quantitative aspects (ROCE, profit, cash flows etc.) and the qualitative aspects (carbon footprint, community contribution, enhancedContinue reading “Be the Change: Use of industrial term “Sustainability” misses Life on Earth”

Managing an Organization like a Biodynamic Farm

By Thea Maria Carlson submitted November 3, 2015 A commercial industrial farm is a machine, but a biodynamic farm is a living organism. Guided by ecological, ethical and holistic principles, biodynamic farmers work to bring all the elements of their farms – crops, livestock, compost, soils – into right relationship, so that they balance andContinue reading “Managing an Organization like a Biodynamic Farm”

A Master’s Degree in Agriculture 3.0: What would that look like?

Well, not quite, but this exciting new program covers an important component of what defines Ag3.0. The School of Life Sciences at the Arizona State University is offering a master’s program in biomimicry through a combination of online learning and a portfolio culminating experience. This MS in Biomimicry is designed to prepare students to facilitateContinue reading “A Master’s Degree in Agriculture 3.0: What would that look like?”

Thoughtful Thursday: Incorporating the Sacred in Agriculture

“If we devote ourselves to sacredness in our vocations, the world will rise to meet us.” – Joel Salatin All of us everyday are writing a life story and a legacy for our heritage and the next generation. But without sacredness, honour and nobility in our personal vocation, we are only doing the expedient thingContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: Incorporating the Sacred in Agriculture”

The Idea of Ag3.0 is Becoming Trendy!

The idea of using computer terminology for describing the different eras of agriculture is becoming trendy! I was first introduced to the concept of Agriculture 3.0 by Steffen Schneider of Hawthorne Valley Farm, at a biodynamic conference in November, 2012. He was sharing his Ag3.0 explorations with us which he started back in the springContinue reading “The Idea of Ag3.0 is Becoming Trendy!”

The Changing Ontario Farm Landscape and Animal Housing

I love the old barns. They served their purpose. Hay was stored above and during the winter was thrown down below, where the animals were housed. In the summer, the animals would be outside in the barnyard and beyond, on pasture. Today, practices have changed. Barnyards have disappeared and on many farms, there is notContinue reading “The Changing Ontario Farm Landscape and Animal Housing”