Thoughtful Thursday: A New Chapter of Agricultural Practice

Let us stand in front of this new knowledge (our collective enlightenment that we are all experiencing due to the extraordinary unfolding revelations about the soil microbiome) with a sense of reverence and inquiry, as this will assist our strivings to increase the depth and complexity of that thin film of organic life which clothesContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: A New Chapter of Agricultural Practice”

N is for Nature, miracles everywhere

N is for Nature by Guy Dauncey N is for Nature, miracles everywhere filling the planet with green creeping vines, from tiniest microbes to wandering wolverines, explosion of living, wings, teeth and eyes. . Starting with atoms then built into molecules, mixed with rich carbon infused with belief in a future so possible, strange andContinue reading “N is for Nature, miracles everywhere”

Thoughtful Thursday: Sustainable Food Trust

In an effort to not reinvent the wheel, it makes much more sense to build upon the work that is already being done. This week, I stumbled upon the Sustainable Food Trust (, founded by Patrick Holden. After a London upbringing, Patrick Holden trained in Biodynamic farming at Emerson College in Sussex. “We were aContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: Sustainable Food Trust”

Biodynamic Farming and the Sacred

What an opportunity to be among 700 others seeking to understand the sacred in agriculture, while filled with a passion for agriculture and real food! A powerful centre for consciousness shifting was created and I can only imagine the ripple effect it had. It just so happens that my research topic for my Nuffield scholarshipContinue reading “Biodynamic Farming and the Sacred”