I Graduated … so “Where Does Agriculture Fit In?”

And does it?! I was asked this in the comments to the post of my convocation photos on Facebook. Excellent question! But my answer still needs work. Here it is as it continues to emerge. My attention has been towards bringing attention to marginalized issues. My “mission statement” is the regeneration of soil, soul andContinue reading “I Graduated … so “Where Does Agriculture Fit In?””

A Master’s Degree in Agriculture 3.0: What would that look like?

Well, not quite, but this exciting new program covers an important component of what defines Ag3.0. The School of Life Sciences at the Arizona State University is offering a master’s program in biomimicry through a combination of online learning and a portfolio culminating experience. This MS in Biomimicry is designed to prepare students to facilitateContinue reading “A Master’s Degree in Agriculture 3.0: What would that look like?”