Is Local Food “Making It” in Ontario?

The signs are not good. Two really great local food places have closed down in Wellington County this year. They were big players when I helped with the launch of the region’s taste~real local food brand in 2011. Over and over again, I hear people say that they love the idea of local food butContinue reading “Is Local Food “Making It” in Ontario?”

Publication of my Nuffield Study Report

Executive Summary Agriculture 3.0: a New Paradigm for Agriculture Study Topic: As a 2013 Nuffield Scholar, Kaytlyn is seeking to redefine what it really means to be sustainable in food and farming, by asking: ‘If Agriculture 1.0 is subsistence farming that uses traditional farming practices, and Agriculture 2.0 is industrial agriculture, which is creating seriousContinue reading “Publication of my Nuffield Study Report”

Defining Local in Ontario

Here we are debating the definition of local food in Ontario and for Canada. Meanwhile, we trust that food in our grocery stores is good for us, but this is not always the case. Shouldn’t that be more of the issue? If the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) focused more on ensuring healthy food forContinue reading “Defining Local in Ontario”

Italy: Locally Grown and Proud

Along tracks or along the river, there usually is a bike path. People in Europe are expected to move more. I climbed three flights of stairs to get to the bathroom. That would not happen in North America. We’ve got 2 legs, why don’t we use them more?!! We were stopped at a rest stop/gasContinue reading “Italy: Locally Grown and Proud”