So many Amazing Earth Wisdom Opportunities

There are just so many Earth-based and Soul-based opportunities, gatherings and circles that I am going to start keeping track of some of them here, as I just don’t know how to otherwise! I find these to be such important initiatives for our times. We all need access to these teachings. What does it meanContinue reading “So many Amazing Earth Wisdom Opportunities”

Thoughtful Thursday: Discerning True Calling

In reference to yesterday’s blog, I post a trailer from a movie that struct deep in my core earlier this year, that is a bit closer to what I would be capable of … what I am capable of.

The Church of the Organic –

The Church of the Organic – Collide-a-Scape | By Keith Kloor | February 7, 2014 2:45 pm As I have discovered,  there are numerous ways to get yourself on the outs with groups of people who otherwise share your values and politics. You could, for example, call out screechy climate demagogues or critique theContinue reading “The Church of the Organic –”

Food and Farming as Sacred

from essays in the collective “Bread, Body, Spirit” by Alice Peck, 2008. Do we know how food comes to us? Do we know the story behind our food? Has someone suffered to grow food for us? Do we take food for granted? Knowing how food comes to us is part of the responsibility of receivingContinue reading “Food and Farming as Sacred”

Practices for Community Building and Collaboration

“We have to create new rituals, new institutions, new fashions and new trends. Water is too precious to be wasted.” Anil Gupta of the National Innovation Centre in India