I LOVE what Melissa Breyer has written in this blog, originally published at treehugger.com.  Tsundoku is a Japanese word for the practice of piling up books to save for later … even if you’ll never actually read them. Ha, ha, ha. I love it when a word shows up for a behaviour that some think I’m crazyContinue reading “Tsundoku”

Thoughtful Thursday: Discerning True Calling

In reference to yesterday’s blog, I post a trailer from a movie that struct deep in my core earlier this year, that is a bit closer to what I would be capable of … what I am capable of.

Publication of my Nuffield Study Report

Executive Summary Agriculture 3.0: a New Paradigm for Agriculture Study Topic: As a 2013 Nuffield Scholar, Kaytlyn is seeking to redefine what it really means to be sustainable in food and farming, by asking: ‘If Agriculture 1.0 is subsistence farming that uses traditional farming practices, and Agriculture 2.0 is industrial agriculture, which is creating seriousContinue reading “Publication of my Nuffield Study Report”

Food and Farming in Transylvania

I am busy writing up my study report for my Nuffield Scholarship. I have shut the world out and am allowing myself time to reminisce, as well as process far too many ideas. Transylvania was such a wonderful and mind opening experience, and it exposed many of the possibilities for the future of agriculture, Ag3.0.Continue reading “Food and Farming in Transylvania”

My Oasis in an Ocean of Field Crops

Where’s the food? or even the beef?! I rent a couple of acres surrounded by acres and acres of corn, soya beans and grains. These are very successful farmers, but where is the food if I should not be able to find any at the grocery store? One summer, it could only be found inContinue reading “My Oasis in an Ocean of Field Crops”

So Speaking of Being Self-Sufficient …

Last week, I met the team from the True North Community Co-operative in Thunder Bay. The Co-op’s slogan is: “Disrupting Dependence … Rebuilding Resilience.” Brilliant! Have you thought about becoming less dependent and more self-reliant?! (Since writing this blog in 2014, I have learned more about what it really means to be self-reliant. It’s not theContinue reading “So Speaking of Being Self-Sufficient …”

Is Ag3.0 about Self-Sufficiency?

A couple of weeks ago, and on the same day, I had 2 emails in my inbox about the drought in California and what this means to Canada, so dependent on California for fresh fruits and vegetables. In my presentations about Ag3.0, I usually speak about self-reliance being a big part of what defines AgricultureContinue reading “Is Ag3.0 about Self-Sufficiency?”

Is Cuban Agriculture a Model for Ag3.0?

Until 1989, Cuban agriculture was similar to what we would have seen in North America; modern equipment, monoculture and dependence on inputs. Cuba depended highly on an international market, with a good trade agreement for their sugar with Russia and other communist states, in exchange for food, and agrochemicals and fuel for agriculture. When tradeContinue reading “Is Cuban Agriculture a Model for Ag3.0?”