There is Hope Despite Passing the Carbon Tipping Point in September

After a week of struggling with my feelings about humanity, and what we do to each other, to life, to the land and to the Earth, and then learning that we passed the carbon tipping point in September (, I felt a sense of relief when I watched a little video (click on picture) forContinue reading “There is Hope Despite Passing the Carbon Tipping Point in September”

Great to be doing MIG again!

It’s like getting back on a bicycle after many years, too many years. I feel so at home, farm sitting and moving a friend’s mixed herd of cows and steers twice a day, in a managed intensive grazing (MIG) system that follows the contour lines of the farm (keyline design – follow link for infoContinue reading “Great to be doing MIG again!”

Is Cuban Agriculture a Model for Ag3.0?

Until 1989, Cuban agriculture was similar to what we would have seen in North America; modern equipment, monoculture and dependence on inputs. Cuba depended highly on an international market, with a good trade agreement for their sugar with Russia and other communist states, in exchange for food, and agrochemicals and fuel for agriculture. When tradeContinue reading “Is Cuban Agriculture a Model for Ag3.0?”

The Changing Ontario Farm Landscape and Animal Housing

I love the old barns. They served their purpose. Hay was stored above and during the winter was thrown down below, where the animals were housed. In the summer, the animals would be outside in the barnyard and beyond, on pasture. Today, practices have changed. Barnyards have disappeared and on many farms, there is notContinue reading “The Changing Ontario Farm Landscape and Animal Housing”

Direction Home: Looking Back

It’s mid May and its snowing at home in Wroxeter, Ontario. I am in Marseilles, France, near the airport, preparing for departure. I thought I would sneak some rays of sunshine -I have not sat in the sun this whole trip. I rarely do. It’s 21°C, and the wind is blowing at 45km/h. I did not last outContinue reading “Direction Home: Looking Back”