Thoughtful Thursday: What Would I Do?

In a forum, we were asked: What would I do for the Earth in regards to climate change? This was my answer! In short, I have 3 answers! First I ask Her (per biomimicry). What would Nature do about climate change? What is She doing? … is more accurate. Do we know what we are really addressing,Continue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: What Would I Do?”

Thoughtful Thursday: It can be scary taking that first step ….

We ask: “In what way has life constructed me perfectly for what I am meant for?” ( Taking first steps can be scary. We way overthink it. This little guy shows me what it feels like when we make it through and find what we are made for.

Wordless Wednesday: a 2 Minute Forest Reflection

As the shift continues … tapping into our depths to transform our despair into what lies even deeper, our caring (citing Joanna Macy, “Serving the Earth, Serving One Another” interview with Allen White, Great Transition Initiative (June 2018),