Thoughtful Thursday: Soil and Soul

You can bury a lot of troubles by digging in the dirt. You can let go of a lot by pulling up weeds. And you can start a lot by turning sorrow into seeds. So dig anew. Go back to the earth from which we all grew. Love, Kiss the Ground at

Wordless Wednesday: Fired for Speaking the Truth con’d !

“I wish there was more profit in farming,” one farmer says. “There is,” the other replies. “In year 2015 the C.E.O.s of Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer and John Deere combined made more money than 2,129 Iowa farmers.” (article here)

Thoughtful Thursday: Dirt Medicine by Hannah Renglich

“somehow still believing – a magical secret scorching through my pocket – that the answers are not as valuable as the questions”

The Earth Speaks – Are We Listening?

The wild fire of Fort McMurray is likely symbolic of something much greater. Perhaps this disaster is an allegory to be interpreted to reveal that there is so much more to consider than the recent report recommendations, as could have been said about Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

How climate change and failed agricultural policies have contributed to conflict in Syria

Evan Fraser and Sylvain Charlebois, professors at the University of Guelph’s Food Institute, have commented that, “Throughout history, agricultural problems have acted as catalysts that trigger widespread social and humanitarian crises.”

Healthy Soil as Baseline Indicator for Farm Performance

I appreciate how simply and directly this google post by the Carolina Bee Company says it: The most modern and successful farming practices of today are represented by significant advancement of and focus on technique and management — technique and management practices that cast aside our past dependence on chemistry and genetic adulteration. In theContinue reading “Healthy Soil as Baseline Indicator for Farm Performance”