Thoughtful Thursday: True Listening

The art of true listening is when someone gives another their undivided attention. What a gift! The other can also be the land, Earth, Nature. In an Agricultural Testament (1940), Sir Albert Howard reminds us that: If you want to know how to use the land, look at the way Nature uses land. Look atContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: True Listening”

The Power of Awe for Transforming Agriculture

How might we integrate the experience of awe and wonder into agriculture so that humanity reawakens to the earth as a living being and takes greater care? What if visiting a farm lead to more frequent “jaw-dropping moments of awe” through experiencing a reclaiming of the miracle of food and farming? The following is takenContinue reading “The Power of Awe for Transforming Agriculture”

Wordless Wednesday: the Power of Art to Inspire and Support Change

“The fight for a socially just and ecologically sustainable world must include a creative vision for the future – art is not a luxury, it’s a requirement, as award-winning muralist and public art activist Judy Baca makes clear.” (Bioneers post April 8, 2016)