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Our first formal newsletter is out! It defines – very much in draft – who we are becoming.

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The Farming For A Future Network (FFFN) is a farm and food based gathering of minds, sharing similar beliefs and values about the future of agriculture. The network holds space for ‘Seeding Agri-cultural Change and Growing Regenerative Connections.’ We hold space for conversation about the emergence of a new narrative that weaves us back into the sacred web of life, for food that nourishes, and farming that nurtures and recognizes our planet as an intelligent living system.

“We realize that the earth is a living being, just as we are. Tending earth’s soil, plants, animals and landscapes is sacred work, the work of a farmer. Farms not only produce food, but are centres where we experience our society’s culture and where communities come together to participate in all stages of food, from growing it, preserving it, preparing it and eating it, by knowing (once again) the life force that is in our food, farms and communities. Farmers who work on the land recognize that a spiritual practice is integral to the task of growing real food. This is when agriculture becomes a sacred act.” (Deffenbaugh, D.G. 2012. Learning the Language of the Fields: Tilling and Keeping as Christian Vocation. Cowley Publications,  Cambridge, MA, USA).

A New Narrative for Agriculture:
We are promoting the emergence of a new paradigm for the future of agriculture that requires every eater to rethink the choices they make each and every day. This ‘Farming for a Future’ is “resilience farming  – a new narrative for agriculture that promotes farming practices that regenerate soil first and foremost, thereby mitigating climate change and producing nutritious food. It honours all life, from seeds and livestock to the growers and eaters of food and is founded upon a consciousness shift or awakening of humanity, which leads us, out of a love for the Earth, to take greater care. It recognizes regenerative farming practices as integral to healthy food, healthy landscapes, healthy people and healthy communities. The resulting farming systems mimic the intelligence in Nature; diverse, place-based and resilient.” (Creutzberg, G. Unpublished. Second report in a series on Agriculture 3.0 – the Future of Agriculture).

7 generationsCore Purpose:
We are creating space for a different kind of conversation about the role of farming in inspiring a new narrative that recognizes our planet as an intelligent living system. We credit our reciprocal relationships with land and food as essential to shifting our consciousness. Therefore, we believe in bringing farming and the sustenance it provides, from the margins of cultural consciousness, into the centre to expand the bigger conversations to include the role farmers can play using regenerative farming practices.

Our mission is to re-awaken the nurturer in agriculture and highlight the role of farming in mitigating climate change, regenerating soil, creating resilient livelihoods, addressing undernourishment, preserving ecosystems, developing resilient food systems, and creating opportunities for healing and transformation. The way we farm is an integral part of these bigger conversations. Food connects the dots and connects all life.

Core Products:
1.    We are cultivating a new narrative of hope for agriculture – for food that nourishes, and farming that nurtures, weaving us back into the sacred web of life, so that we are inspired to tell the story behind our food.
2.    Land and livestock can offer space for healing.  One’s path to awakening is a very personal journey. The Network promotes transformation through farming and food. We offer experiences that engage anyone in the bigger conversation about the role of farming in helping us heal ourselves so that we can help heal the land, the soil and our food system.
3.    We host opportunities for learning, teaching and promoting ‘farming for a future’ practices that regenerate the soil and heal our farms, communities and food system.

Published by Kaytlyn Creutzberg, BSc, NSch, MA

#SayItLikeItIs and #ChoreographYourLifeYourWay: Kaytlyn writes not only about applying a spiritual care therapeutic model to farming, but also how collective cultural narratives impact the choices we make that result in a pervasive "don't care" attitudinal construct towards Earth and Her landscapes. (formerly Gayl)

4 thoughts on “Farming for a Future Network

  1. The recognition of sacred Space as a way of Living as a Human Being in relationship with
    this beautiful Earth and all the Beings sharing this Space is exciting. After leading a community reading group through a discussion of Heather Menzie’s book “Reclaiming the Commons for the Common Good”, we all embraced the thought that “naming” the new earth and the seeds being planted by us was a priority. It is how new Intentions can incarnate into a real manifestation which can be shared with others. We like that you are bringing the conversation of “naming” to a wider group. Looking forward to your newsletters and thank you for this breath of fresh air!

    1. Really appreciate your comment and sent it on to the others. It was hard work pulling the words together to ‘name it’ and its encouraging to hear from you that we are on the right track!

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