Whatever! So much for standardizing terminology …

This workshop announcement reflects what I was talking about in my last post. Agriculture 4.0; Connecting the Field to the Internet Scott Shearer, Ohio State University Understanding “Big Data” and the “Internet of Things” will be increasingly important for crop production professionals as we move into a new level of understanding and management.  Scott asContinue reading “Whatever! So much for standardizing terminology …”

Sacred Life, Sacred Seed and Agriculture 3.0

Some writers are using the term ‘Agriculture 3.0’ (which refers to a future agriculture), to represent different versions of industrial agriculture (agriculture 2.0). Its use is already falling into the same problem that ‘sustainability’ fell into (see blog post). The term ‘Agriculture 3.0′ was launched (for me anyway) by Steffen Schneider from the Institute forContinue reading “Sacred Life, Sacred Seed and Agriculture 3.0”

Thoughtful Thursday: Doing Away with the Term “Sustainable”

In my Nuffield study report,  I argue that the use of the term ‘sustainability’ in agriculture is outdated. I conclude that the 3 legged model needs to be replaced with a 5 pillar model for ‘resilience’. In a recent blog at regenerationinternational.org, my words are echoed. We agree with Secretary Tom Vilsack that the word “sustainability”Continue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: Doing Away with the Term “Sustainable””