Do Crops Grown Indoors Nourish Us?

I found this news release alarming. Can someone please test the nutrient density of this produce? Can we really produce healthy food without soil and sunshine? I don’t want to eat this stuff! future-of-farming-montreal-area-operation-grows-crops-indoors-year-round As my colleague states ever so simply: Watch or read the work of Dr Daphne Miller. The microbes, in number andContinue reading “Do Crops Grown Indoors Nourish Us?”

Movie Gathering Sum Up

It was a powerful evening of video and discussion on October 2nd, 2015. It left us with many after thoughts. Being intentional is a big part of the way the Universe works in delivering abundance, it seems. How we honour the sacred (usually with rituals) is cultural and perhaps it does not matter what ritualsContinue reading “Movie Gathering Sum Up”