It’s Official: My Nuffield Report has been published

Thank you Nuffield International for tweeting! “Great reports from @NuffieldCanada 2013 scholars @gumbootgourmet, @blake_vince & @ClaytonRobins have just been uploaded – must reads!”

“For Canadian agriculture to contribute to a healthy world, we need to go ‘back to basics’, with a revised farm enterprise mission statement of ‘Nourishing Communities’, instead of feeding the world.“ – Gayl Creutzberg

Next steps are already in action. It’s exciting to see what can happen when we put all our thoughts in one place and put it out there! I am grateful for having been given this time and opportunity.

Note: Since publication of this report, the Farming for a Future Network (FFFN) has formed (details in this post where there is a newsletter subscription link if you would like to be informed).

Agriculture 3.0

Published by Kaytlyn Creutzberg, BSc, NSch, MA

#SayItLikeItIs and #ChoreographYourLifeYourWay: Kaytlyn writes not only about applying a spiritual care therapeutic model to farming, but also how collective cultural narratives impact the choices we make that result in a pervasive "don't care" attitudinal construct towards Earth and Her landscapes. (formerly Gayl)

One thought on “It’s Official: My Nuffield Report has been published

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! A moment to be proud of…well done.

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