My Oasis in an Ocean of Field Crops

Where’s the food? or even the beef?! I rent a couple of acres surrounded by acres and acres of corn, soya beans and grains. These are very successful farmers, but where is the food if I should not be able to find any at the grocery store? One summer, it could only be found inContinue reading “My Oasis in an Ocean of Field Crops”

So Speaking of Being Self-Sufficient …

Last week, I met the team from the True North Community Co-operative in Thunder Bay. The Co-op’s slogan is: “Disrupting Dependence … Rebuilding Resilience.” Brilliant! Have you thought about becoming less dependent and more self-reliant?! (Since writing this blog in 2014, I have learned more about what it really means to be self-reliant. It’s not theContinue reading “So Speaking of Being Self-Sufficient …”

Spring Melt Begins

The picture below is taken from ‘the top’ of the barn yard. You can just see the top of a fence post in the foreground. And just the corner of the picnic table is visible, emerging from the bottom of a mountain of snow. It is interesting to be able to walk over the barnContinue reading “Spring Melt Begins”

Is Ag3.0 about Self-Sufficiency?

A couple of weeks ago, and on the same day, I had 2 emails in my inbox about the drought in California and what this means to Canada, so dependent on California for fresh fruits and vegetables. In my presentations about Ag3.0, I usually speak about self-reliance being a big part of what defines AgricultureContinue reading “Is Ag3.0 about Self-Sufficiency?”

Is Ag3.0 about the Small Family Farm?

Today, I received Olivier De Schutter’s final report to the UN Human Rights Council after his six-year term as Special Rapporteur. Throughout his term, he has been calling for the world’s food systems “to be radically and democratically redesigned”, primarily through agroecological farming practices. “Objectives such as supplying diverse, culturally-acceptable foods to communities, supporting smallholders,Continue reading “Is Ag3.0 about the Small Family Farm?”