Vanishing of the Bees – the Movie

At some points during the movie, I just wanted to cry (trailer). I knew about bee health issues but zeroing in on them as a manifestation of the intelligence that is nature and seeing the bees up close struck an even deeper chord. The best evidence for me about what is going on regarding beeContinue reading “Vanishing of the Bees – the Movie”

Be the Change Ontario!

Canada is branding itself as ‘Quality is in our nature’ and is known globally for being “environmentally savvy, competent, credible, and reliable, offering safe, high quality products from a natural, pristine environment” (source: Agri-Food Trade Service). Other countries are looking to Canada for solutions. Are we keeping up? Gloucestershire UK Farming Music Video Maybe weContinue reading “Be the Change Ontario!”

It’s Food Day Canada but …

how much do you think is left for this Ontario farmer after trucking is paid? By supporting these grocery stores selling product that is dumped on the market, you are wiping out the family farm that offers wholesome food. Celebrate Food Day Canada! Support your farmer by not supporting these sales. Please go to yourContinue reading “It’s Food Day Canada but …”

Thoughtful Thursday: Incorporating the Sacred in Agriculture

“If we devote ourselves to sacredness in our vocations, the world will rise to meet us.” – Joel Salatin All of us everyday are writing a life story and a legacy for our heritage and the next generation. But without sacredness, honour and nobility in our personal vocation, we are only doing the expedient thingContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: Incorporating the Sacred in Agriculture”