The Idea of Ag3.0 is Becoming Trendy!

The idea of using computer terminology for describing the different eras of agriculture is becoming trendy! I was first introduced to the concept of Agriculture 3.0 by Steffen Schneider of Hawthorne Valley Farm, at a biodynamic conference in November, 2012. He was sharing his Ag3.0 explorations with us which he started back in the springContinue reading “The Idea of Ag3.0 is Becoming Trendy!”

Thoughtful Thursday: We Are ALL Being Called To Be the Change!

We got to where we are in only a couple of decades. What could the pathway forward look like? And who will be the change – society, policymakers, farm advisors, farmers, consumers? You? My Nuffield study has very much expanded from my original idea as I have come across new concepts, learned some about economicsContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: We Are ALL Being Called To Be the Change!”

The Changing Ontario Farm Landscape and Animal Housing

I love the old barns. They served their purpose. Hay was stored above and during the winter was thrown down below, where the animals were housed. In the summer, the animals would be outside in the barnyard and beyond, on pasture. Today, practices have changed. Barnyards have disappeared and on many farms, there is notContinue reading “The Changing Ontario Farm Landscape and Animal Housing”

Perennial Crops in Ag3.0: Mimicking Nature’s Way

This is part of the text from Wes Jackson’s Commencement Address at the University of Kansas, May 19, 2013, excerpted from his post on May 31, 2013 at The Serious Challenge of Our Time A hundred and fifty years later (after the US Declaration of Independence) another high law of morality confronts us, aContinue reading “Perennial Crops in Ag3.0: Mimicking Nature’s Way”

Thoughtful Thursday: Facilitate What You Believe In

Enable what you like by supporting it, instead of fighting what you don’t like. – Gayl Listen to their story. Vote with your money. Thank the coordinator who made an event or meeting happen, that you enjoyed or benefited from. Show others that you like what they are doing by showing up. Tell your farmerContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: Facilitate What You Believe In”

Choice in Agriculture 3.0: Forage Farming

In my explorations, I have been looking at the many ways to farm. Here in North America, we seem to have only 2 ways to farm: ‘them’ and ‘us’, such as organic vs. conventional, or big farm vs. small farm, or industrial/conventional vs. traditional/subsistence farming. There are many choices to developing a farm business modelContinue reading “Choice in Agriculture 3.0: Forage Farming”

Thoughtful Thursday: Sustainable Food Trust

In an effort to not reinvent the wheel, it makes much more sense to build upon the work that is already being done. This week, I stumbled upon the Sustainable Food Trust (, founded by Patrick Holden. After a London upbringing, Patrick Holden trained in Biodynamic farming at Emerson College in Sussex. “We were aContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: Sustainable Food Trust”