Thoughtful Thursday: Where are the bees?

There were loads of blossoms this year, at home and abroad, but I did not hear the humming of bees busy pollinating in Ontario,

unlike in Transylvania where I have never heard such a loud buzzing, away from the hive.

This tree in Transylvania was just buzzing with life
This tree in Transylvania was just buzzing with life

Did you know that:

  • One in three bites of the food we eat is the result of pollination
  • Canada is 2nd in the world for blueberry production.  35,000 hives are required for pollination
  • One third our the world’s fruit and vegetable production depends on bees for pollination
  • In Canada, pollination is worth $1 billion every year
  • Honey is one of the safest foods, because bacteria cannot live in honey?

save beesWhere are the bees? We need bees. Bees are also indicators of ecosystem health. Not having them around is not a good sign, as we too live in our local ecosystems.

When will we act? Hopefully, not in this manner – Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over ‘Bee Apocalypse’ Coming Soon, by Sorcha Faal. May 10, 2013.


Published by Kaytlyn Creutzberg, BSc, NSch, MA

#SayItLikeItIs: Kaytlyn writes not only about applying a spiritual care therapeutic model to farming, but also how collective cultural narratives impact the choices we make that result in a pervasive "don't care" attitudinal construct towards Earth and Her landscapes. (formerly Gayl)

One thought on “Thoughtful Thursday: Where are the bees?

  1. I’m with ya on that. I’m in Guelph, ON. Lots of ants, flies, some butterflies, but not many bumble or honey bees. The mosquitoes are out, though… haha

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