Defining Local in Ontario

Here we are debating the definition of local food in Ontario and for Canada. Meanwhile, we trust that food in our grocery stores is good for us, but this is not always the case. Shouldn’t that be more of the issue? If the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) focused more on ensuring healthy food forContinue reading “Defining Local in Ontario”

Breakfast on the Farm

A first for Canada, coordinated by Farm and Food Care Ontario (@FarmFoodCare). It was a great morning and I made a point of visiting Ontario Veal (@OntarioVeal) to learn more about how veal can be raised comfortably in barns like the one pictured below. The young farmers and agri-staff I met really care about animalContinue reading “Breakfast on the Farm”

Thoughtful Thursday: the End of Humanity?

I don’t know if I can watch anymore. I’m starting to get down. I read articles almost daily about the bees dying; aren’t bees indicators of the health of ecosystems, and don’t we live in ecosystems too? The Chinese can’t get honey in their country anymore because the bees are long gone, GM alfalfa hasContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: the End of Humanity?”

Farm Size and Industrial Agriculture2.0

Farm size was an interesting topic of conversation when I was in Europe. On one occasion, we were just not making sense, and eventually I realized why. In Canada, farm size can be viewed in various ways, including revenue, by acreage, by livestock units and more recently, by environmental impact. Statistics Canada measures farm sizeContinue reading “Farm Size and Industrial Agriculture2.0”

Facilitating Farm Succession and Saving Our Rural Towns

Until I travelled, it never occurred to me that some of our farm succession problems might be derived from the fact that we live on our farms. Why should parents have to leave their home when handing over the farm? In some countries in Europe, farmers live in communities with neighbours and have several lotsContinue reading “Facilitating Farm Succession and Saving Our Rural Towns”

Controls for Industrial Agriculture2.0 to Mediate Environmental Impact

A few years ago, Ontario brought in Nutrient Management Regulations. I took all the courses. Essentially, if a farmer is going to expand their number of livestock, they need the acres to spread the manure, ensuring the right amount of nutrient (or manure) application per acre. Technically, an industrial broiler barn only needs an acreContinue reading “Controls for Industrial Agriculture2.0 to Mediate Environmental Impact”

Thoughtful Thursday: True Travelling

Today marks one month since my return. I am still not caught up. Routine had completely fallen away, to the point where I did not even know where my ideal hot-cold setting was in the shower! I had to start over! Accompanied by all this is a big resistance to the old. I did notContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: True Travelling”