Welcome? to France

I am in Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France because, and I quote from the travel guide, “it uses exceptional regional produce.” But no one told me until yesterday, that today is a holiday. Since I was on the train all day yesterday, I did not have a meal, and today, only McDonald’s is open. I spent $18 CDN for a burger (I had throw away all but the patty), a salad, fries (which will have to be chased with prunes) and an ice tea (to wash it down).

Although it is rare for this country to shut down like this, the day was equivalent to our Labour Day. It is a big deal here with démonstrations in the street. Canada is so much more peaceful! But it was a profound reminder of my dislike for cities, and how much I belong  in the country. All was healed when I arrived at the farm of a French Nuffield scholar, and found myself milking 575 ewes at her friends farm, milk for the making of Roquefort cheese. My smile returned 🙂

See this youtube where I’m “helping” with the milking. Awesomeness!


Roquefort cheese production through the value chain

Published by Kaytlyn Creutzberg, BSc, NSch, MA

#SayItLikeItIs: Kaytlyn writes not only about applying a spiritual care therapeutic model to farming, but also how collective cultural narratives impact the choices we make that result in a pervasive "don't care" attitudinal construct towards Earth and Her landscapes. (formerly Gayl)

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