Thoughtful Thursday: Vote with Your Fork

If 5% of us changed our buying habits for groceries alone and stopped buying Kraft food products for example, Kraft would be hit with an 800 million dollar loss. That just might be the tipping point we need for this corporation to start to listen. All I am asking for is real food! No moreContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursday: Vote with Your Fork”

My Nuffield Agricultural Study Topic

I am so grateful for this opportunity. More here! If Agriculture 1.0 is traditional farming, which for many does not offer enough income; . . . . and Agriculture 2.0 is industrial farming, which is creating serious health and environmental concerns in Canadian communities and communities world-wide; . . then what is the future agriculture,Continue reading “My Nuffield Agricultural Study Topic”

The answer is blowing in the wind …

Last Monday I boarded a Boeing to come home, this Monday I boarded a Cessna. From above, I could see all the farming activity and perfectly seeded fields. Its been a busy weekend. It it is our May long weekend and tractors with farm implements jostle for space amongst cars pulling motor homes. Good timeContinue reading “The answer is blowing in the wind …”

Direction Home: Looking Back

It’s mid May and its snowing at home in Wroxeter, Ontario. I am in Marseilles, France, near the airport, preparing for departure. I thought I would sneak some rays of sunshine -I have not sat in the sun this whole trip. I rarely do. It’s 21°C, and the wind is blowing at 45km/h. I did not last outContinue reading “Direction Home: Looking Back”

Welcome? to France

I am in Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France because, and I quote from the travel guide, “it uses exceptional regional produce.” But no one told me until yesterday, that today is a holiday. Since I was on the train all day yesterday, I did not have a meal, and today, only McDonald’s is open.Continue reading “Welcome? to France”