One Month Travelling

I left Canada on March 23. Spring has burst forth here in the last couple of days. I am sorry I will miss this at home. Or will I? Last weekend, the tv antenna beside my house came down in an ice storm, and part of a tree lay on the roof. Yikes! I actually had wanted the tv antenna removed, but that was a bit dramatic!

So today, I reflect on the things I look forward to when I get home. These are the trivial things that I miss, not my dear friends and of course, dogs. I miss you all very much.

– Oh my goodness, I miss Canadian toilet paper! I use it as kleenex too at home, but here, I would get a sore nose if I did that, not to mention the other place. Unfortunately, I have created the perception of the delicate Canadian bottom! Trust me to accomplish that! LOL!

– I miss what I call my alpha time – the time in the morning to experience quiet while the brain´s waves are still alpha, rather than beta (the busy-ness, including thinking about everything that needs to be accomplished). This includes coffee from my own french press, sitting in the Eastern sun, on my park bench.

– Fried eggs in butter or coconut oil. I´ll admit I had this for the first time this morning since leaving Canada, but I am not able to flip them in the air like at home in my pan!

– Gluten-free beer. I would really enjoy a cold beer!

– My car – OhImage I miss my freedom!  Not having my car has meant trusting others and yes, giving up control. Perhaps this has been my hardest challenge (not lesson, because I doubt I am learning about giving up control). 🙂  Cars can also function as homes on wheels, where you can spread out a bit, maybe even hang some clothes!

– Conversing in English when I am out in public and asking simple questions. The language barrier has been extreme, and I look forward to France, where I will be able to communicate in French. Everywhere I look, I can only see letters, not messages.

– My beautiful maple tree which keeps me shaded in the summer.

– The ease of getting out in nature …. my camping place is calling me!

– My wardrobe and different things to chose from. I did not bring much considering I had to pack for all 4 seasons and carry it on my back. I am only just getting out from under layers of clothing.

– Organization! Living out of a suitcase is really hard. I am forever routing around looking for something! I can´t wait for everything to be in its place again.

– My computer – this Mac is driving me crazy. I have never used one before. Worst part is that it speaks German. I have also used a Hungarian computer, but at least, despite the funny looking words, the menus were still the same. Both Hungarian and German have different alphabets. I have now seen Google in Maltese, Italian, Hungarian and German. And we’ve already talked about my playbook, which was supposed to be my computer while I travelled – thanks for nothing RIM. While charging, it opens and closes apps all by itself and highlights sentences and types things into my files. Truly amazing, infuriating and very disappointing.

I never thought I would travel like this again. Thank you Nuffield Canada! But, wow do I ever feel like a spec in time nobody. Where am I really? It does not look too different here, green highway signs, bridges and buildings, trees and grass look the same ….. My body is in Eastern Europe; my stress level/ anxiety- up there; my mind- trying to find a green meadow where it is quiet, like a cell phone looking for the nearest tower; my soul- seeking!

Published by Kaytlyn Creutzberg, BSc, NSch, MA

#SayItLikeItIs: Kaytlyn writes not only about applying a spiritual care therapeutic model to farming, but also how collective cultural narratives impact the choices we make that result in a pervasive "don't care" attitudinal construct towards Earth and Her landscapes. (formerly Gayl)

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