Out of Commission

I am always at my best when near agriculture, especially animal husbandry. I need animals in my vicinity! And I feel so good in a barn! I am away from it all right now, in beautiful Innsbruck, because tomorrow, I meet with staff and board members of a group that brands organic product for overContinue reading “Out of Commission”

Culture Shock

I went from small town villages with horse and cart to a toxic world where brand names rule, where people are selfish and drivers rude, where TV fills the space where one could be apreciating nature or doing other healthy pursuits, where there is constant noise and an insane busy-ness, for fear that we mightContinue reading “Culture Shock”

Wordless Wednesday: Traditional Food

I did not taste this platter, but the other was delicious. I found more pics here! http://www.google.hu/search?q=kocsonya&hl=hu&client=safari&rls=en&prmd=ivns&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=NAtdTt7NG8KF4gS6w6Ex&ved=0CCMQsAQ&biw=1645&bih=796

One Month Travelling

I left Canada on March 23. Spring has burst forth here in the last couple of days. I am sorry I will miss this at home. Or will I? Last weekend, the tv antenna beside my house came down in an ice storm, and part of a tree lay on the roof. Yikes! I actuallyContinue reading “One Month Travelling”

Thank You for Our Food

Potato seeds were stored over winter in the cellar. Then we planted each potato with intention, placing it with the sprouts pointing upwards as you would a bulb. We did our very best at this work. And now, we hand over control. It is no longer in our power to control the weather, plant growthContinue reading “Thank You for Our Food”

Traditional Farming in Transylvania

Imagine! You live in a cozy small home heated with wood. You have a compact barn with a hayloft in your backyard, and the rest of the space is yard and vegetable garden (it could be elsewhere in the village). In the barn, you have a couple of cows or water buffalo for milk. YouContinue reading “Traditional Farming in Transylvania”

Speechless in Transylvania

I have been here, in Transylvania, for almost a week. I am still at a loss for words. It is beautiful, and the hills have not yet become green. Imagine the beauty yet to unfold! I was amazed to find the climate and type of crops grown here to be almost identical to home, and yet,Continue reading “Speechless in Transylvania”