Agriculture – People just don’t get it!

I am inspired by the words of Owen Roberts, whose column appears Mondays in the Guelph Mercury. Roberts teaches agricultural communications at the University of Guelph. He wrote about a major issue which I also have; the lack of public knowledge for agriculture and how events like the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto only worsenContinue reading “Agriculture – People just don’t get it!”

Encourage Your Farmer by Making Responsible Food Choices

Thank you to Jarrett Chambers for his presentation “Food for All, Yield for the Masses” at TEDx Winnipeg and his well presented information on nutrient density. Can we afford not to know if the food we are purchasing is nutritious enough to sustain good health? Would you spend more for nutrient dense food? Or wouldContinue reading “Encourage Your Farmer by Making Responsible Food Choices”

Food and Farming as Sacred

from essays in the collective “Bread, Body, Spirit” by Alice Peck, 2008. Do we know how food comes to us? Do we know the story behind our food? Has someone suffered to grow food for us? Do we take food for granted? Knowing how food comes to us is part of the responsibility of receivingContinue reading “Food and Farming as Sacred”